The Process


If you are in the market for a new vehicle give us a call or stop by and we can offer you advice or opinions on certain makes/models that might be best suited to your individual needs.


Once you have narrowed down the model(s) of vehicles that you are interested in we can begin looking at market reports to see how many of that type of vehicle have been sold at SAA in the last 30 days and what you could expect to pay for one.


Some specifics to think about:


  • What year(s) are you okay with? What year(s) do you not want?
  • What is a mileage range that you are comfortable with?
  • How long does the vehicle need to last you?
  • What trim level do you want/need? Leather seats, sunroof, heated seats etc..? These can really increase the price of a vehicle over base model.
  • Does the car need to be automatic or standard shift?
  • What is your price range? Does this include title, tax and registration?
  • How important are minor cosmetic issues?


The Tuesday before we go to auction please call us to go over what will be available at auction. We will compile a list of available vehicles with you for us to check out on Wednesday.


When at auction we usually have about an hour plus some time between vehicle sales to check out the vehicles we have earmarked for you. This gives us a good chance to check out the physical appearance of the vehicle, see how it runs and what we can immediately tell that it does or does not need in terms of repairs. If you have requested that we give you a call while we are at auction to verify a car with you we will do so. Often times our customers give us a list of requirements for the vehicle and a price range on Tuesday and as long as the vehicle we find fits into this category we will do our best to buy it.


Because it is an auction we have no idea how many people will be bidding on the same car that you want. This means that sometimes we pay expected wholesale price for the vehicle, sometimes we pay less and sometimes we pay more. While we can often pass our savings on to our customers, when a vehicle costs us more than we expect we will never sell it outside of your budget (unless previously approved) or over fair Blue Book value. Being an auction also means that just because we find the perfect car doesn't mean that we will be able to buy it when it comes to bidding. Sometimes another bidder is willing to pay retail price for a vehicle depending on how badly they need/want to buy it.

Typically two of us go down to auction which means that we are able to drive two cars back immediately and the rest get brought back on a trailer. These usually arrive between Wednesday night and Sunday night of the same week. Once the vehicle arrives we need at least a day to go over it and make sure it is up to par for inspection and sale.


We do not ask that you place a deposit on a vehicle prior to us purchasing one for you and you are never committed to buying a vehicle we bring back. However, we do ask that if you have us go to auction for you, you have the reasonable intention of purchasing a vehicle if we bring one back (provided it meets the price and specifics you listed). Every time we have a customer back out at the last moment it makes it more difficult for us, practically and financially, to offer this service to others.  

  Some tips

  • We have access to an outline of what vehicles will be run through auction each Wednesday. This list is usually fairly complete around 3pm the Tuesday before auction.

  • We cannot give you personal access to the auction site or bring you to auction with us. It is a dealers only auction that you must be a member of to have access to the site and auction. However, we would be more than happy to log in and go over what vehicles are up for auction with you on the Tuesday before auction.

  • Part of what makes this auction great is that we can find cars with a few years on them that aren't rusty. Finding a new(er) vehicle in VT is relatively easy since they are often still covered under manufacturer warranty and haven't had the time to get rusty.

  • The majority of newer vehicles listed at auction are 3 years old. These are the vehicles that have just been returned from leasing and the dealer is selling in bulk. There can be some great finds in the category.

  • If you are looking for a vehicle we would love to help you find one. However we ask that you please check around and see what the fair market price is for that vehicle. We sell our vehicles at or below fair Blue Book value. All too often we have someone wanting us to find them a vehicle for a price that isn't realistic.

looking for a specific vehicle?


We source nearly all of the vehicles that we sell from Southern Auto Auction in Connecticut. This is one of the largest auctions in the area, selling over 4,000 vehicles every Wednesday on their 300+ acre lot! We use this auction because of their size, reliability, vast array of vehicles available and because they bring in cars that have lived outside of the salt belt. While we try to have several vehicles available in stock, if you are looking for something different or something specific we would be glad to try to help you.


On average, we try to go to auction once a month. In the winter months we go a little less and in the summer months we go more often, it all depends on how much demand we have for vehicles.